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 Rules Rules
-  - No flaming, ​hate speechinsults, etc. +1) No insulting, harassing, griefing, ​flaming ​or generally abusive behaviour 
-  - No Trollinginterrupting Time Trials ​or causing an inconvenience ​to those racing. This includes typing while others are attempting to race. +This includes using weaponskilling other people on the serverusing abusive language, etc. 
-  No usage of 3rd party menus. The server ​has built-in menus for both car customisation ​and player customisation+ 
-  No intentionally dirty racing. This is a CLEAN racing server. If you accidentally hit someone or wreck them, wait for them to regain their position ​in the race. Accidents are ok, deliberately hitting others off is not+2) Don’t trollinterrupt ​or inconvenience ​people 
-  - Racing here works on an honour system. If you are crashed into, call them out by typing TheirNamehere wait, it's clear and fast to type.\\ If you are called out, wait. If you do not, you must be able to provide proof of why you weren'​t ​to blame.\\ Repeated false callouts will be punished. +For example, don't have a full-blown conversation in chat during a race or testing, don't start testing on the same track someone'​s already on without permission, etc
-  - No usage of weapons ​in general and especially against other playersIf you acquire ​weapon for some reasonsimply don't use it. +In general, leave people alone. If you're bored, go blow stuff up in GTA:​Online. 
-  - Griefing should have been without saying, also against the rules. This applies to races, testing and freeroam. ​If they aren't in on the joke it isn't fun for them+ 
-  - Do not tag administrators or staff roles or names for any reason. If there is an issue, say it. If you have a questionask it+3) Don’t use third-party menus 
-  No offensive names or nicknames on the discord or servers+We have server-side menus for car spawning ​and customization
-  - No Spoiling of sporting events, ​scoresturnoutsanything+ 
-  - Finding and using an abandoned vehicle during ​racepubgfredcannonball, is against the spirit of fair competition, and is basically cheating, and can result in a temp ban. +4) Read channel topics to avoid going off-topic 
-  - Never move up on the grid without the instruction of the race hostmoving to the back is fine+Repeat offenders will be “Black-Flagged,​” blocking ​you from posting ​in certain channels
-  - Do not pester admins or staff while they are on the serverIf they are there to racethen race with them. If they ask you to leave a certain area, leave that area. Pestering them hinders their ability to do whatever it is they are doing and will result ​in action being taken to remove you. + 
-  - If the person hosting a race calls out a specific car for a raceuse that car. Until we get a more robust way of locking multiple choices for car selection, this is how it will be done+5) Don’t tag staff or admins 
-  - If you are not apart of a report, do not respond ​in the #reports section. +We read the chats and will respond ​to things as necessary when we have the time. 
-  + 
-Breaking any of these rules will lead to consequences. The severity ​of these consequences are determined by the staff and can result in the loss of privilegestemporary bans from the serveror an outright ban.+6) Use the #reports channel ​to report poor conduct on the server 
 +Don'​t ​start arguing ​in the chat or on DiscordMake report and leave itor take it to PMs
 +If you areninvolved in a report, do not speak in the channel
 +7) This is a CLEAN racing server. 
 +If you take somebody outintentionally or otherwise, wait for them to get back ahead of you before continuing
 +More specific racing rules in #racing-etiquette
 +8) Don’t spoil sporting events, ​real-life racesmoviesseries episodes, etc
 +9) No offensive names 
 +If you'​re ​using a racisthomophobicetc. name you will be either asked to change itor straight up banned. 
 +10) Study and learn #​racing-etiquette 
 +11) Attempting to evade a ban will result in an instant permanent ​ban 
 +Creating a secondary account in order to evade a ban on the primary one is called "ban evasion"​and it will be met with a permanent, irreversible ban from all Homecoming servers and Discord. This is your only warning
 +Anything ​not explicitly stated in these rules falls under the judgement of the staff, who will decide ​on the appropriate course of action on a case-by-case basisWhen reporting incidents where rules were brokenplease do your best to provide evidence ​in the form of screenshots or videoso that we are able to make a more informed decision
 +Anything ​not explicitly stated ​in these rules falls under the judgement ​of the staff, who will decide on the appropriate course ​of action on a case-by-case basis. When reporting incidents where rules were brokenplease do your best to provide evidence in the form of screenshots or videoso that we are able to make a more informed decision.
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