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This page serves as an online copy of the #rules found in the Discord


1) No insulting, harassing, griefing, flaming or generally abusive behaviour This includes using weapons, killing other people on the server, using abusive language, etc. This isn't GTA:Online, and as such, breaking rule 1 will be met with an immediate temporary ban.

2) Don’t troll, interrupt or inconvenience people For example, don't have a full-blown conversation in chat during a race or testing, don't start testing on the same track someone's already on without permission, etc. In general, leave people alone.

3) Don’t use third-party menus We have server-side menus for car spawning and customization.

4) Read channel topics to avoid going off-topic Repeat offenders will be “Black-Flagged,” blocking you from posting in mostchannels.

5) Don’t tag staff or admins We read the chats and will respond to things as necessary when we have the time.

6) Use the #reports channel to report poor conduct on the server Don't start arguing in the chat or on Discord. Make a report and leave it, or take it to PMs. If you aren’t involved in a report, do not speak in the channel.

7) This is a CLEAN racing server. If you take somebody out, intentionally or otherwise, wait for them to get back ahead of you before continuing. More specific racing rules in #racing-etiquette.

8) Don’t spoil sporting events, real-life races, movies, series episodes, etc.

9) No offensive names or incomprehensible names If you're using a racist, homophobic, etc. name you will be either asked to change it, or straight up banned.

Please also use a name that consists of the Latin alphabet. Any special characters are likely to show up as weird boxes on the server, making it impossible to call you out. If your name is shorter than 3 or longer than 15 consecutive characters and/or doesn't have at least 3 latin alphabet letters in a row, you will be assigned a randomised nickname on the server.

10) Study and learn #racing-etiquette

11) Attempting to evade a ban will result in an instant permanent ban Creating a secondary account or playing on another account in order to bypass a ban on the primary account is called "ban evasion", and it will be met with a permanent, irreversible ban from all Homecoming servers and Discord. This is your only warning.

12) No glitching As Homecoming is in a constant state of development, you may encounter glitches of various types. Now this should go without saying, but you are not to exploit any glitches, regardless of how harmless they may seem. Depending on the case and severity of the exploit, the punishment for glitching can range anywhere between an instant bin to a permanent ban.

Just to clarify, racing mechanics such as brakeboosting, kerb boosting, and MDSB are not considered glitches/bugs, regardless of how you feel about them :)

13) Don't go AFK for extended periods of time As the server has become quite popular, we need to ensure that people on the server are actively taking part in the activities. If you need to go AFK, consider leaving the server so that someone else waiting to join gets a chance to race as well.

Skipping one race is generally fine, but don't be surprised if you find yourself kicked after returning. Note that all server kicks come with a 1-hour time out, so it's always better to duck out of your own accord than getting kicked.

Anything not explicitly stated in these rules falls under the judgement of the staff, who will decide on the appropriate course of action on a case-by-case basis. When reporting incidents where rules were broken, please do your best to provide evidence in the form of screenshots or video, so that we are able to make a more informed decision.

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