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Roles on the Server

People can have a couple of roles on the server, as well as on Discord.


The Registered role is required for any actions involving Charliebot and the server, such as joining an event or eventually being promoted to Racer.

Getting the Registered role in Discord translates to gaining the Registered status on the server which gives you a better chance to get in.

To gain the Registered role follow these steps:

  • *Connect to the Project Homecoming: Registration Server:
  • Scroll to the bottom and select the Discord option. (If you have no code then you will need to wait for it to be generated and server synced. If still missing after 30 minutes, ask in the Discord channel #help-and-support)
  • This will show you a 6 character code in the range A-Z and 1-9. (There is no zero)
  • Take a note of that code and in Discord channel #charlie use the command !discord <whatever that 6 character code is>
  • eg if the code is ABC123 then the command is !discord ABC123
  • You should get the Discord Registered Role added and rank granted on server. message from the BOT and gain the Registered role in Discord.


You've done a few races without being too much of a nuisance; the reward is an extra server slot.


You've done more races than a Rookie has; another server slot.


As the popularity of Homecoming grows, it's increasingly important that the people on the server actively participate in and finish races. Because of this the new "Troll" role was introduced to dissuade constant DNFing and generally unwanted behaviour. It's somewhat related to us kicking people, who're just sitting AFK on a full server, while others are waiting to get on.

What does it mean? As you need to be something of a "serial DNFer" in order to get the role, there are some drawbacks to having it:

  1. A reduced slot limit of 20 (as opposed to the 25 Registered users normally have)
  2. Inability to sign up for events

How is it determined who gets the role? Every user has a hidden "score" in the system, which is calculated based on the amount of finished races (increases score) versus the amount of DNSs/DNFs/bins/kicks (decreases score). If your score falls below a certain treshold, you will be automatically assigned the Troll role. Once you successfully finish enough races to increase your score, it is automatically removed.

How do I check my score? You don't. If you don't have the role, just keep doing what you're doing and you should be fine. The system is fully automated and neither the staff or Racers have access to the scores, so don't ask.

I don't like living under bridges! How do I fix this? Just keep finishing races, don't DNF at the drop of a hat, don't get binned etc., and you'll eventually climb out from under the bridge into the sunlight.


People with this role can host event races and quick races.

The racer role is given to trusted members of the community, most so far have been long time NoDo or 1322 members or have been part of the server and the testing for a long time.

There is no time scale for gaining the role and it is not something that can be requested. Just enjoy the server and the racing and you will eventually be noticed and promoted.

1322 and 1322+ roles

These are roles granted to Viewers, supporters of Broughy1322. You must be a member of their Discord and fit the following criteria:


  • Twitch Subscribers
  • Patreon Supporters
  • 1322 Regular Viewers (accrued at least 7200 RP)
  • Donators


  • Members of Broughy's discord.

For more information on the 1322 and 1322+ roles, see:

emdt and emdt+ roles

These are roles granted to Viewers and FriendlyBaron's Supporters. You must be a member of FriendlyBaron's Discord and fit the following criteria:


  • Baron Twitch Subs.


  • Members of the emdt discord.

For more information on FriendlyBaron, join their discord:

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