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 +====== When do I go? ======
 +Unlike in testing, rather than being immediately teleported to the track you will get a painfully long loading screen before you appear at the track. Like testing, you will be floating in the air.
 +Just give ''W'' a little tap and you'll fall onto the track, landing in your starting position. You may see some people moving, but unless the host is giving instructions for people to have a specific setup, try not to drive around just yet! There'll be plenty of time for that in the race.
 +After a bit, the countdown will start. Don't go yet! If you go now, you'll be declared a __scumbag__ for jumping the start. Five red lights will appear on your screen, helping you to prepare for the start. After a __random__ period of time, the lights will disappear and you'll hear a noise that sounds a lot like you should get driving!.. which, hopefully, is what you'll do. Good luck in the race!