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I'm bored of driving around I want a race track

Okay okay, go to the F7 menu, go to test and select a track! Once you do, you'll… still not be at the track. Go into the same menu, testing and hit teleport and you'll be magically whisked away to the land of good racing! When you get there, you'll be floating in the air. This is a protection measure to stop you, for instance, from falling out of the sky when a sky track is still loading. But, eventually, the track will fully load and you can tap the W key (or throttle on your gamepad - whatever makes you go fast) to drop to the ground and begin your sweet hot laps. Head towards the green dot on the minimap, that's where the race starts and from there on out you'll have normal checkpoints like a normal race!

If you get a little bored of driving by yourself, invite some people to test out the same track or ask if someone is okay with you driving with them. If you're testing the same track, you can drive with them and practice battling or just enjoy that track day goodness! Just make sure they're okay with you doing that, and PLEASE remember that if you're not testing the same track (or not testing any track at all) you won't see what the other player sees so when you think you're just driving by not being a bother you might be blocking their racing line.

When you're testing tracks under the Under Review category, expect inconsistent quality as these tracks are not always up to the standards expected for racing on this server. However, you can let the devs know what you think of a track by going into the F7 menu and, under testing, move your selection to rate track. This will let you rate between -10 and 10 (-10 being a terrible track, 10 being an amazing track, 0 being thoroughly mediocre) and let the admins know whether you want this track to become standard or not! Don't worry if you accidentally give the wrong rating, only the latest rating sent through will count.

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