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 ====== Frequently Asked Questions ====== ====== Frequently Asked Questions ======
-by marshymallow. 
-Hey! This is an extremely informal and likely to be quickly made outdated guide on how to play on the Project Homecoming ​server. ​Inevitably, some of the writing in here will no longer be accurate to the current state of the game, or maybe it will just be written too badly for you to get what I meanIf something doesn't seem to add up, ask questions in the Discord ​or in the game's chat itself! That's what everyone'​s going to do anyways.+This page is for the server's FAQs. 
 +**This guide does __not__ currently cover how to install FiveM**There's a good guide for that on the Discord. ​
-**This guide does __not__ currently cover how to install FiveM**, I'm too lazy to go into actual technical stuff right now. There'​s a good guide for that on the Discord, so just look at that. However, **I will go over some things that you might want to know before joining the server**. 
 {{page>​faq:​_footer}} {{page>​faq:​_footer}}
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