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Unable to join because server is full

15 and above: Restricted to Registered and above

Registered are those who have connected their discord account to the server through CharlieBot. You can find out how to Register here.

  • 20 and above: Trolls can no longer join
  • 25 and above: Registered can no longer join
  • 26 and above: Rookies can no longer join
  • 27 and above: Regulars can no longer join

The racer role is given to trusted members of the community. This is at an Administrator's discretion and will be less likely to happen if you ask.

The maximum for most people is 25 players with the last spots going to Administrators and Moderators of the community for purposes relating to their duties.

  • 28 and above: Restricted to racers and above
  • 28 and above: Restricted to directors and above
  • 28 and above: Restricted to hosts

If the server is full, please avoid SPAMMING to connect!

Instead, watch Charliebot's status on the Discord Server occasionally and see if the number dips to 24 and then attempt to connect. People usually leave after a race ends.''.

If you are attempting to join to authenticate and gain the Registered role, please connect to the Testing server.

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