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 +====== People are not racing wtf do I do??? ======
 +Well, you aren't going to race. But not having a race currently going on means you can relax a bit, drive a few cool cars and make your character look not entirely lame, which is a nice bonus.
 +You may have noticed that, when there's a race going on, the ''F7'' menu is really empty! If people aren't racing, the options to spawn and save cars, test tracks and saving your character design will appear. This means that if people are currently intending to race, you probably shouldn't begin work on doing a makeover on your character or designing the coolest Adder of all time because you won't be able to save it the instant they start up the race lobby.
 +So all in all this is the **perfect time for you** to __spawn__ one interesting car after the other, and just __save__ them (''F7>Vehicle>Save''), because next time when a race starts, and you choose one of your saved cars, you'll spawn right in it instead of having to run around like a madman in search of your car.