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People are racing I wanna race too!

Well, you can! Anyone can join in on racing, just wait for a new race to start and then hit F7 and join the race! At this point, you will select the car you want to drive from a list of available cars the host has chosen. Pay attention to the chat, the host may want drivers to avoid a certain car because it's bad or too good or they just don't like it.

Soon after you'll find yourself in your car on a parking place. Press X to tell the host you're ready to rumble. If you pressing X doesn't change the bottom of the screen from "Press X to ready up" to "Wait", or that isn't there at all, your scripts are borked and you have to leave the server (Alt-F4) and come back. Sorry, it's an alpha.

Once everyone is all readied up, the host will start the race. If you're not readied up, you won't get to race. If you are readied up and you still don't get sent to the race, your scripts are borked sorry read above.

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