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 This below methods work for Windowed Borderless and Fullscreen. This below methods work for Windowed Borderless and Fullscreen.
 +====== Nvidia Control Panel ======
 +As of Driver Revision 441.87, NVidia has finally introduced a configurable FPS Cap to their Nvidia Control Panel. No need for GeForce Experience here. Please report any instances of increased stuttering, input lag or latency in #pcmr for data gathering and comparison against the NVidia Inspector method.
 +(Thanks **Goos** for reporting this and **Viper** for testing!)
 +  - Download the latest NVidia Drivers from: [[https://​​drivers/​]]
 +  - If you cannot download **441.87** and beyond, default to the Nvidia Inspector method.
 +  - Once the driver is installed, open the Nvidia Control Panel by right clicking on your desktop. If the option is not there, press your Windows key and type Nvidia or go to the Control Panel and locate it. 
 +  - Go to "​Manage 3D Settings"​
 +  - Select "​Program Settings"​
 +  - Click "​Add"​
 +  - Locate "​FiveM"​ under the dropdown. These should be labelled as FiveM (fivem.exe) or FiveM (fivem_gtaprocess.exe)
 +  - If you are unable to locate both executables,​ you will need to hit Add and Browse to manually add them. Default FiveM installation folders: <​code>​%localappdata%\FiveM\
 +%localappdata%\FiveM\\cache\subprocess</​code>​ (copy paste above into your windows explorer address bar)\\ If you've installed FiveM to a different different folder, replace %localappdata% with your installation path.
 +  - Locate the "Max Frame Rate" Feature, click the setting and hit "​On",​ input 60 as the FPS. Click OK.
 +  - You only need to do this once. Changing this and the other features for FiveM (fivem.exe) should affect the FiveM (fivem_gtaprocess.exe) profile, and vice versa.
 +  - Press "​Apply"​
 ====== NVidia Inspector ====== ​ ====== NVidia Inspector ====== ​
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   - You should now be locked to 60FPS in-game.   - You should now be locked to 60FPS in-game.
 +Note: This may not work if you have existing Nvidia Control Panel profiles set for FiveM.
 ====== AMD Radeon Chill ====== ​ ====== AMD Radeon Chill ====== ​
 (Thanks **Freekill**!) \\ (Thanks **Freekill**!) \\
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