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-====== Okay controls pls thx ====== 
-Okay okay I get it! Here we go (I only know the keyboard stuff I can't help with gamepad): 
-''​Z''​ key- Opens up the player list, where you can see who's playing and what they'​re doing! 
-''​F7''​ key- Opens up the most useful menu in the game. This is where you can actually join races and do a lot of other things like spawning and saving cars, saving your character'​s look and -- in the Testing server -- you can load up a track and drive around it on your own or with a couple of buddies! Use the ''​up''​ and ''​down''​ arrow keys to move your selection, ''​enter''​ to select something and ''​backspace''​ to exit out of a selection. 
-''​F6''​ key- Opens up the second most useful menu, a currently in-development menu where you can customize your character and whatever car you're currently driving! Really useful for making yourself stand out with those dollarsign wheels and hot pink paint. 
-''​​F5''​​ key- This is an experimental Character and Vehicle customization menu under development. 
-''​T''​ key- Chat. It's uh. Where you talk. There are pretty much no chat commands at the moment, although typing... 
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