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Fears and Uncertainties

I play Grand Theft Auto: Online. Can using FiveM or joining this server get me banned?
No, FiveM does not edit your base GTA install in any way and in no way will it get you banned.

Is the Project Homecoming series of FiveM servers private or whitelisted? Do I have to be a member of a certain crew to join?
The Project Homecoming: Racing server is open for all to join, with the exception of times when work is being done by staff or a scheduled closed event is being hosted.

Is this server affiliated with insert crew/party/individual here?
No, this server is an independent project featuring members from many different creative communities but is not officially tied to any other group.

However, you may see some users with the 1322 and 1322+ roles. These are relevant to the streamer Broughy1322 who regularly makes content on the Project Homecoming Server. When he streams, the server will be whitelisted for those who are also part of his discord (1322+) and additionally those who are twitch subscribers/donators (1322).

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