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Hello and welcome to the Project Homecoming: Racing server! We are a semi-serious racing community with a focus on clean racing.

Please see our Rules.

This page serves as a Crash Course for new players. If you need answers to specific questions, the FAQ is available.

Connecting to Discord

Discord is required to get the Registered Role. This allows you to connect when there are more than 15 players online in the server. Please join the Project:Homecoming Discord server as you read through this guide.

Installing FiveM

Please visit FiveM and download the client. Please note, you will need a legitimate copy of Grand Theft Auto V from Rockstar Games Social Club or Steam. Steam must also be installed and running with "Source SDK Base 2007" downloaded.

Starting FiveM to play on the server

You must have Steam installed and running.
FiveM will automatically detect your copy of Grand Theft Auto 5. You must be fully patched and own a legitimate copy of the game to play.
FiveM, Project Homecoming: Racing is available to play only on PC.

Connecting to the Server

Main Article: Loading Up
The main Server name is Project Homecoming: Racing (Alpha). There are 2 other servers you may connect to if the main server is full or the slot limit has been reached.
You can use "Homecoming" as the keyword to search for both servers.
For anyone having trouble seeing the server in the server list here are the IP addresses to use in the direct connect menu:

The server addresses are as follows:

  * Project Homecoming: Registration Server:
  * Project Homecoming: Racing Server 1:
  * Project Homecoming: Racing Server 2:
  * Project Homecoming: Testing/Events:

Please use Direct Connect to connect to the server as the FiveM Server Browser is not reliable.
Press F8 to bring up the console and type in:

  * Connect

Slot and Role Restrictions

Main Article:Roles
Without registering in Discord, you may play whenever there are less than 15 people in the server. The slot limits are as follows:

  * 15 and above: Restricted to Registered and above (20 in Registration)
  * 20 and above: Trolls can no longer join
  * 25 and above: Registered can no longer join
  * 26 and above: Rookies can no longer join
  * 27 and above: Regulars can no longer join
  * 28 and above: Restricted to racers and above
  * 28 and above: Restricted to directors and above
  * 28 and above: Restricted to hosts

You must connect to the REGISTRATION server in order to obtain your Discord code.

What to do if you're stuck loading

If the load screen has been stuck on for more than 3 minutes. You may hit F8 and type Quit to retry. It may take 3-10 attempts if FiveM is behaving poorly. Patience and Persistence is a key trait. You should be ingame within 3-5 minutes.
If it's been more than 10 attempts and you're still not in-game, you may attempt to clear FiveM's cache. If this doesn't work, please inform the staff in the #help-and-support channel.

Clearing FiveM's Cache:

  • delete %localappdata%\FiveM\FiveM Application Data\caches.xml
  • and %localappdata%\FiveM\FiveM Application Data\cache\priv

You're connected, now what?

To get your discord code, press F7, scroll to the bottom and select the Discord option.
Your Discord Code will NOT generate immediately. Please wait up to 30 minutes. If at any point this fails to generate, please go to the #help-and-support channel of the Discord and ask for further assistance.

Controls such as the F7 Menu: code name CHARLIE allows you to spawn vehicles and tracks, save car customization and pedestrian appearances. When a Racer is on, the options change to allow you to join events started by the Racers and race with other people in the server. Please take note not to be TESTING while a racer is online.
F6 brings up Activated Carbon. This is a menu that allows you to customize cars and player-character appearance.

Discord verification

  • Connect to the Project Homecoming: Registration Server:
  • Press F7 whilst connected to the server within FiveM to open CHARLIE.
  • Scroll to the bottom and select the Discord option. (If you have no code then you will need to wait for it to be generated and server synced. If still missing after 30 minutes, ask in the Discord channel #help-and-support)
  • This will show you a 6 character code in the range A-Z and 1-9. (There is no zero)
  • Take a note of that code and in Discord channel #charlie use the command !discord <whatever that 6 character code is>
  • eg if the code is ABC123 then the command is !discord ABC123
  • You should get the Registered Role added and rank granted on server. message from the BOT and gain the Registered role in Discord.
  • Connecting to the racing server should now be possible after putting the command and code in #Charlie. Please report any issues in discord.
  • You do not need to be connected to the server for the code to generate. The generation process begins the moment you connect so you may leave if you wish.

Racing Etiquette

Main Article: Racing Etiquette
Blue Flag Rule
Project Homecoming: Racing has a feature where if you're about to be lapped by a faster, luckier or less crash prone racer, their car blip turns blue in the mini-map. In cases like this, you would need to make room for the faster driver. This does not mean you need to pull over or stop (which has caused incidents), but do not play defensively and do not aggressively hog the racing line.
For faster Racers, cars you're about to lap turn green on the minimap. Please allow backmarkers to pull out of your way and not crash them out of the track.

Hitting Others
If at any time you create an incident with another player affecting their race, you will need to wait for them to recover. Do not stop in the middle of the road and block other players. Pull over in a place that will not cause another incident which will allow you to easily rejoin the race at speed. It is not necessary to wait immediately but should be done within a lap's time of the incident. You could also continue to drive at a slower speed off of the racing line, if for example there is a wide and long straight. Think of this as a penalty.

I got hit
The above rule applies in return for any other driver. For anyone who does cause you to crash, they need to wait for you to catch up. If at any time they don't adhere to this, you may call them out in chat by typing their name. Repeat offenders and deliberate scumbags need to be reported to the #reports section in Discord.

Lag Hits
Lag hits occur due to latency between players who come from multiple regions of the world.
You may think that you have an opening and had a clean pass, especially if you're attacking on the inside of a corner. On your mini-map, you've noticed someone spin out despite you dealing no contact on them. On that player's end, you've crashed into them causing them to lose control of their vehicle. You would need to wait and allow the person you possibly hit to catch up. They will also, usually call you out in chat.

Here's a perfect video illustrating what a lag hit would look like on your end. Video Credit to Firecul.

If you want to prove that you did not cause an incident, record/stream your gameplay, especially if you have high ping. Doing so has saved people in the past.


"Racer" is a role given to a select few trusted by the staff. They have the power to start race events in the server. Please do not harass them to start a race.

Why aren't my "Fastest Lap" Times being recorded?

Project Homecoming: Racing requires 60FPS average for Lap Times to be recorded. Having more than 60fps has been proven to have effects on car acceleration and handling. Please limit your FPS using Vsync or an FPS limiter.

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