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   - Browse to and select the livery image file, then click ''​Open Image''​   - Browse to and select the livery image file, then click ''​Open Image''​
 +====== Auto-reload plugin ======
 +Instead of repeatedly opening the livery texture file every time you make a change, you can install a plugin that will automatically reload it every time the file changes.
 +  * If you use GIMP or Photoshop, you can use the add-on [[https://​​site/​pointatstuffweb/​external-paint-autorefresh|External Paint Autorefresh]]
 +  * If you use another program, you can use [[https://​​t/​auto-reload-external-images-available-for-blender-2-8x/​1113223|Auto-Reload Images]]
 +  - Download your prefered auto-reload plugin
 +  - In Blender, on the top menu bar, select ''​File > User Preferences...''​
 +  - Click ''​Add-ons''​ then ''​Install Add-on from File...''​ at the top
 +  - Browse to and select the ZIP file you downloaded above, then click ''​Install Add-on from File...''​
 +  - Click ''​user''​ under ''​Categories''​ on the left
 +  - Click the check-box next to the add-on you just installed
 +  - Click ''​Save user settings''​
 +  - You may have to enable the auto-refresh functionality when launching blender or opening a file
 +    - For ''​Auto-Reload Images'',​ click the clock icon on the right of the top menu bar
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