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This is Charlie, our bot who has some very, very handy commands.

First, if you look at the memberlist in Discord, Charliebot's status is "Closed - 3". (Feature currently Broken)

If there is a race going on, the bot's status would read "Race-20". That indicates there is an ongoing race with twenty people on the server, out of a maximum of thirty.

Most of the commands accessible to members are replicated in the website.

Project Homecoming Web

The best way to do something with Charlie is going to his channel #charlie where you can give the following commands:

!class list (working as of 2018-07-12)\\

Returns a list of vehicle classes

!class show tuners (working as of 2018-07-12)\\

Returns a list of all vehicles in the class "Tuners". Just type lowercase letters, Charlie also finds uppercase variants. For class names like "Retro Supers", you need to use quotation marks (") around the name, because the class name "Retro Super" has a space in it, which otherwise would confuse Charlie. The search queries need to match exactly what's returned by !class list.

!model show

Returns a list of vehicle models currently present in the server. You may use partial keywords to search specific car models such as "coq" for Coquette. If there are spaces in the name, you will need to add quotation marks around the name.

Ex.!model show "elegy retro"

!track show lsia (not working as of 2018-04-15, because of bot updates)\\

Returns a list of at most ten track names that contain the character sequence "lsia" (just type lowercase, it returns uppercase track names as well).

!lap best model vagner "cutting coroners gp" \\(not working as of 8/30)

Shows you the best lap times of the vehicle model "Vagner" on the track "Cutting Coroners GP" along with the usernames who did these laps.

!lap best class "supers" "cutting coroners gp" \\(not working as of 8-30) Shows you the best laptimes at LSIA Speed Trial in any Retro Super car. All keywords need to be verbatim from !class list. Tracks also need to be input exactly as they're named.

Ex. !lap best class "retro supers" "cutting coroners gp"

!server status \\(not working as of 7/2019) returns a list of the current players on the server with their ping times. !commands \\** returns a list of all commands that Charlie understands. You might not be allowed to use some of them. E.g. if you are Registered, then !class assign "Tractor" "Supers" won't be available for you.

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