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Hi there!

Project:Homecoming is a FiveM Server for clean racing. There are new vehicle classes, revamped vehicles, brand new cars, and a multitude of awesome tracks.

Communications are available through the Project:Homecoming Discord server.

  • There's a great FAQ list in this wiki for Frequently Asked Questions
  • We have a fantastic helper called Charliebot. Tell him what to do, and he answers.
  • Users have different roles on the server. You should apply at least for the "Registered" role.
  • Please also check out our racing etiquette.
  • Banned or Timed Out? Please read the Rules
  • Overwhelmed? Here's a quick Crash Course summarizing everything you need to know about the server.
  • Want to contribute to Project Homecoming?

Do you want to contribute to this Wiki? Fantastic!

Register on this wiki with the "register" link on the top right of the page, and then send a Discord message to Total Asshat#3380 with your wiki username, and he'll give you edit (or even admin) permissions.

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