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Hi there!

Project:Homecoming is a FiveM Server for clean racing. There are new vehicle classes, revamped vehicles, brand new cars, and a multitude of awesome tracks.

Communications are available through the Project:Homecoming Discord server.

  • There's a great FAQ list in this wiki for Frequently Asked Questions
  • We have a fantastic helper called Charliebot. Tell him what to do, and he answers.
  • Users have different roles on the server. You should apply at least for the "Steam" role.
  • We have a large number of awesome tracks on our main web site.
  • Around 400 different vehicles on our main web site! All vehicles from the original game, some of them modified for better handling, and a couple of brand new cars. (ToDo)
  • Please also check out our racing etiquette.
  • Banned or Timed Out? Please read the Rules
  • Overwhelmed? Here's a quick Crash Course summarizing everything you need to know about the server.
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